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Discover Antique Chesterfield at Zest Interiors

Chesterfield furniture is recognised and appreciated across the world. The iconic deep buttons and brass beading are instantly recognisable as a Chesterfield, and the manufacture of these wonderful sofas and chairs hasn’t changed much since the company was first established.

We are now proud to introduce a new collection of Chesterfield sofas: the Antique Collection. This stunning range of sofas and footstools features a wider range of colours for you to choose from including black and white, so you can choose the perfect style to suit your home.

Hand Crafted Chesterfield Sofas and Chairs

Here at Zest Interiors we source Chesterfield sofas, chairs and footstools from trusted, reputable, local manufacturers that hand craft each and every Chesterfield sofa. Expert craftsmen create each Chesterfield sofa with the care and attention it deserves, from using the highest quality genuine leather down to hand sewing each brass bead into the sofa for an unsurpassed high quality finish. Attention to detail is never overlooked with a Chesterfield, ensuring the Antique Chesterfield you choose will look wonderful for years to come.

Chesterfield chairs are the perfect accompaniment to a Chesterfield sofa. With the option of the Club or Queen Anne chair, you have the choice of a high class, traditional style or something a little more modern. At Zest Interiors you have a selection of Antique Chesterfield colours to choose from, giving you the freedom to coordinate your Chesterfield furniture or have individual colours for a funky look.

The Chesterfield Queen Anne chair and Chesterfield Club chair are both wonderful pieces of furniture that boast timeless style and elegance while being versatile enough to blend into pretty much any environment.

Luxury and Style with the Antique Chesterfield Range

The Chesterfield Queen Anne chair offers traditional style and comfort that wouldn’t look out of place in a study or library, yet it can perfectly blend into your living room. With the selection of colours available for Antique Chesterfields, it’s the perfect choice for those that want to add luxury and elegance to their home.

The Chesterfield Club chair offers a more relaxed seat with curved arms and a low back – but it’s still a statement piece that will perfectly complement a Chesterfield sofa or look fabulous on its own.

The Antique Chesterfield collection is a stunning range of sofas and chairs that offer the highest standards of luxury and quality. At Zest Interiors you can find Antique Chesterfield sofas, chairs and footstools for a great value price with no compromise on quality – allowing you to make huge savings on the asking price.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call our Sales Hotline – or alternatively call into our Showroom and see our stunning furniture for yourself!

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